Via Alterna del Sur (VAS)


Vía Alterna del Sur (VAS)

The Vía Alterna del Sur (VAS) is an urban project inovation in Guatemala City that arises from the improve the demand of traffic solutions throught the consturction of a private toll road.


This toll road will give acces to Guatemala City form the south reducing time travel avoiding travel congestion of  Villalobos slope, Aguilar batres and Hincapie roads.


The total section includes the construction of 25 km tht will be financed with private capital.  The fist phase of 11 km has been recently opened to our community.


The highway starts on km 22 of South CA-09 sur  and ends in San Miguel Petapa for the welfare of thousands of the highway that conects to the Pacific Ocean and the South part of the country, who will find a better mobilization way through fluid traffic.

Seccion SBI

It continues with the construction of a new highway that will connect Boca del Monte, Villa Canales with the Atanasio Tzul and has a length of 6 kilometers.


> Road Infrastructure

More than 3,000 km of roads built on asphalt and hydraulic pavement.

> Housing Poryects

More than 1,250 housing unit constructed.

Civil Work

Bridges, vaults, industrial parks, hydroelectric, exploitation of quarries, production of aggregates.


Asphalt plants, concrete plants, crushers and more than 300 units of heavy equipment.